Mt. Wash 7/18 Weather Outlook

Just going over the forecast and weather data for Mt. Washington, trying to make some prediction as to what conditions are going to be like for the practice ride. I think it’s gonna be interesting.

Forecast is for temps in the 80s at the base for Sunday, and judging from the ARVP, there won’t be an appreciable dropoff in temperature through mile 5 – which is arguably the most difficult section of the hill. This will be a hot one to be sure, all the way until around 5000′. Electrolyte load will be imperative.

From there on in, all the way to 6288′, I expect 30-50mph winds, as has been the norm for the past few days. This is going to be pretty sketchy for fixed gear. I’ve been in those winds up there before. But this time, no bailout gear, no ability to stop pedaling momentarily, and if I do have to remount the bike, that’s gonna be extra interesting. It’s going to be a real fight above treeline.

And the weather up there changes so quickly, all of this could be out the window by Sunday. Plan for the worse, expect the worse, and take the pleasant surprise of being wrong. Here’s to being wrong!

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