Mt. Wash practice coming up

178 pounds on the dot this morning. January 1st was twelve pounds and six months ago.

Right now I can say, unquestionably, that I’ve never been as lean and this strong. Albeit only a week removed from being sick, I feel really good, and I’m in a terrific position to mount Sunday’s attack on Washington.


Attack. We shall see who attacks who. This time I’m taking the Langster with an XTR crank up front, 22t chainring, and a Soma 23t fixed cog out back. No respite, no bailout gear, as Andy and I mused last night, this will either be brilliance or colossal failure.

I know the auto road fairly well. I have a number of opportunities to break up the monotony of straight-ahead grinding, and I know where they are. I also know how bad some of the brutal sections can be. I’ll be pretty conservative through miles 5 and 6 to be sure. I think knowing that I have to be conservative will help me roll out the effort; something I am never able to get right here.

In 2008, when I was last in this kind of shape, I ran a 22×26 minimum setup on gears, and was able to make 1:34. The thought is that the 23, combined with the extra something special from running fixed gear, will be enough to get there. I hope so. If the weather gets nasty, or I bonk, I am supremely hosed.

But if I make it…

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