Week 4 weigh-in

Starting Weight 189.8
This Week: 187.2
Change: -2.6 (-1.6 this week)
Workouts 5.0hrs
Sat: 2hr30min Z2 road ride
Sun: 1hr30min Z2 mtn bike ride
Tue: 30min core
Thu: 30min core
This was a recovery week & the final week of Base 1. Three days off instead of the usual one, but I was feeling kind of drained this week and decided to listen to the voices. They were telling me to chill out a little. So I did. As a result, the core work was the strongest yet. No doubt, strongest January ever. Feeling AWESOME.

Totals for Base 1: workouts 24hrs, -2.6 pounds.

Up next, Base 2 (4wks) – still zone 2 fat burning work, and we rev up the core workouts a notch.

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