I wrote this last year.


The following was disseminated by her mom last night.  Please pray for us.

 “Maggie had an MRI today that was concerning, so it was followed by a spinal tap to see if we could get some answers.  What was discovered is that the problems she is having are due to more cancer.  The rhabdomyosarcoma has spread to her spine and the protective covering of her brain.  This is very bad.  We are faced with some very difficult decisions right now, but ultimately, Stefan & I don’t want her to suffer.  She has fought a hard fight, and we think she’s had enough.  My sisters Colleen & Kathleen told my mother & the other kids tonight, as we didn’t want to do it over the phone, & it can’t wait until we get home, since we’re not sure when that would be.  We did get to Facetime with them afterwards, and they are very, very brave.
Right now we’re still in the PICU.  Only two people are allowed in the room at a time, so we’re asking that no one come visit.  When/if Maggie is moved, we’ll update.  We’ve had a lot to process today, and we’re pretty tired.  Maggie still isn’t sleeping, which I think might be attributed to the changes in her brain function from the cancer.  I wish she would sleep, but I don’t know that it really would matter.

We appreciate your understanding, love, and prayers more than I can express.  We ask that you keep it all coming.  It’s going to be a rough road, and we’re going to need lots of love & support.”

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