Rediscovering Jefferson

My family has property that sits along Valley Road in Jefferson, maybe two miles from Jefferson Notch.  Of their 200 acres or so, my Aunt and Uncle live on one side; now just my grandmother on the other.  This is only about a mile down the road.  The last time I came through here was more than twenty five years ago.

This, the north-to-south approach to Jefferson Notch, is rugged.  Near the top, when Jefferson ultimately bends right and delivers washboard dirt grades in the mid-to-upper teens, the level of discontent is substantial.  Prior to, there are miles of work to do, interspersed with sections where you can climb with great fluidity and listen to the unfamiliar sound of nothing and contemplate.
Nine miles from the start of the ride; it took the better part of an hour to get here.  I only budgeted two hours for today, so descending to 302 and coming back over would have to happen another day.  If you have 25mm tires, well-packed dirt, and undivided attention, you should expect only one or two white-knuckle moments on the descent back to to Valley Road.

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