Back at it

Time to get back to business.  We have a hillclimb to smash.

4w/kg at threshold is, I think, what I am after.  Well, let’s see if it is.  I threw a dart and picked that number because it sounded good.  Internet said you are good at bikes if you can do 4w/kg.

Right now, according to TrainerRoad, I make threshold power of 242 watts and at a present body weight of 175 pounds, that rounds to 3.05w/kg.  I am not strong right now at all, so that can go nowhere but up.  I would say today, having done minimal-to-no riding for the past three months, my legs are the worst they have ever been.

To address the “per kilogram” portion of the value – what really is the impact of weight gain or loss in this process.  Can I make a meaningful change there and help myself out?  This morning I saw 177.6 on the scale.  That pushes things to 3.00w/kg.  We really haven’t gone anywhere.

And conversely, what if I got down to 170 pounds?  I’ve never been 170; 173 is about as low as I have ever been in the modern era.  Immediately after running the marathon in 2007 I may have hit 169.

Even at 73″ I’m really not a big body type at all and at 170, I’d be a friggin’ rail.  That would compute to 3.14w/kg at present threshold power.  For all of the work it would take to get there diet-wise, not a meaningful return in the grand scheme.  It’s about 10% of the improvement I want to make.  So it’s a finishing touch, but not a miracle solution.  Interestingly, at present power output, to make 4w/kg I would need to lose 42 pounds, which is….yeah so anyway.

The work is where it’s at.  If body weight remains constant, I would need to make a  threshold power of 318 watts, up 76.  That is a hilarious accomplishment.  A complete stud probably couldn’t do that.  In fact, he can’t.  So my goal needs some adjustment.


The thing is, I am kind of a blank slate right now.  A lot of guys can’t make that kind of improvement because they’re already operating at a high level.  When I was testing with Joey Adams in 2008, he explained that he was working with a triathlete with very similar size, weight, and test values as me, and he came up 90w.  It illustrates that anything is possible.  If you have the right training inputs.  And the time.  My entire week of dedication is some guy’s Saturday morning.

I’m going up the rockpile four times this year.  If nothing else, even if my training completely falls apart between now and the first trip up in June, it will serve to illustrate the fitness acquired by making that climb three times in the weeks preceding the main event in August.  

If Jansen’s hill climb calculator is correct,

My 2008 PR @ 1:35: 173lb, 23lb bike&gear = 236w 3.01w/kg

So…173lb, 23lb bike&gear @ 1:20 = 280w 3.57 w/kg (+38w from test*)

*Ahhh, but FTP is 60min effort, not 80min effort….

2 thoughts on “Back at it

  1. 4-5% improvement each year if you focus and only improve by 4% you should be hitting 318 in 4-5 years or so. maybe sooner if you can tag a 5-6% jump this year.

    Granted you could dope and hit 10% improvement in a year and get there much faster.


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