Apples and Cinnamon

Guys guys guys guys guys.  And the probably two girls who read this blog.

YES it’s a product shill but it’s worth it so hang in there.

You should try the Apples and Cinnamon.  One scoop of mix, warm up two cups (16oz) of water, into the bottle it goes.  This is money in the bank.  If you could exercise and drink hot cider at the same time…this will take you to that place.  It’s a pretty damn good place.  Something warm to drink when it’s rotten outside and you are toiling away is not revolutionary, yet for some reason it is.

SIDEBAR don’t drink cider when you exercise, it would be like chugging apple juice, the sugar is out-of-whack, plus this time of year the cider you’ll find has potassium sorbate in it, which aside from being a preservative sits on your tongue and makes cider taste like garbage.

Allen Lim addresses the importance of hydration when exercising in the cold – it’s interesting science; you should read it.

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