Week 3ish Update

Rare action photo where I am leading another rider in competition

It’s been an interesting foray into self-punishment, let there be no doubt.  In September I have already raced seven times, and I actually feel kind of dialed into it.  In spite of the fact that I get my ass handed to me in Cat 3.  So far, I’ve fared 56th/61, 33rd/36, and 55th/62.  What I find interesting is that in each of these races, at some point I have begged for a mechanical to end the suffering, which never happens.  Conversely, at each of the three Wednesday night UNH training races I’ve been in, I’ve lost my chain every f*cking time.

Still no regrets about upgrading.  This is an extremely fast group, I’m in way over my head, and I keep pushing  as hard as I can every time.  There is no soft competition here.  Every time I beat even one person for any reason it is a victory.

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