Gloucester Day 1

The results will tell you the exact opposite, but this was one of the best cyclocross races I’ve ever had.  I felt so strong today.  I was staged dead last, and at the whistle, I had a great start, found seams, and made up 20+ spots right away.  We hit the first section of dirt a few hundred feet from the start, which I had not pre-rode, and brakes were locking up, riders were going down as 125 of us sandwich through the first lefthand turn.  I can’t see anything in front of me except for a sea of riders, my front wheel cuts, and over the bars I go.  I hit the deck, look up and cover my head, and the entire field is gone.  Back up, I remount and spin – spin spin spin.  My chain is off.  It takes me a few moments to get it back on, and now I’m fucking determined.  All I can think of is the race at Kalmthout I just watched two nights ago.  I motor off and spend the rest of the race somehow hunting down and overtaking people.  I can’t even believe that is possible.  I was a maniac, powering out of everything.  I earned everything I got today, and I know I got a few.  I didn’t see anyone for a hell of a long time and thought I was DFL for sure.  Had I not crashed, this would have been a very different race.  So that’s what tomorrow is for.


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