Huge Announcement

I reported a few months back that nuun active hydration accepted my sponsorship application for 2010. Incredible news. My first personal sponsor – ever. Like, an actual sponsor.


I’ve been working another sponsorship deal since the start of the year, and it’s now official.
I’m almost shocked to announce that none other – I can’t even believe this actually – than American Classic has jumped on board to sponsor my efforts for 2010. As in – American Classic. They actually make awesome stuff. As in, the lightest deep section clincher rim in the world. No freakin’ way. This is….insane.

Known the world over, but not as well known in the US, AC makes exceptional road & mountain wheels, hubs, and components. They recently rebranded their entire wheel lineup; once decidedly conservative looking, the entire catalog took a huge step forward and now looks out of this world. I’ll be riding them this year, telling you all about them, and hopefully kicking ass.


I’m pretty excited.

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