Week 6 weigh-in

Starting Weight 189.8
This Week: 186.4
Week Change: +0.2 (-3.4 overall)
Workouts 5hrs
Sun: 100min core + Z2 spinerval combo
Mon: 60min mostly Z1 roller session
Tue: 40min core
Wed: 60min mostly Z2 roller session
Thu: 40min core

Lesson learned. I had never used rollers before. I used my 1×9 cross bike on both occasions and I had only one gear that I could get into Z2. The resistance just isn’t there unless you can at least use a bike with a full complement of gearing. So while I did get rippin’ core workouts this week, and spun my legs into oblivion, I didn’t burn a spec of fat. The intensity was on par with a recovery week…which is scheduled for the week after next. So we have some work to do.

This weekend looks to be in the mid-30s, so you bet your ass I will be hitting the pavement. I will be pinning it at the tippy top of Z2 for sure, as after we recover next week, we start to introduce zone 3…and that’s when the good stuff begins.

The season more or less kicks off in mid-March, when we take the singlespeeds from Goffstown to the base of Mt. Kearsarge and back. Something we’ve done the past few years.

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