Here we go

Well, this is it. Tomorrow is the culmination of a long, strange season.

Since the practice ride 4 weeks ago, I’m weighing in about half a pound less, and I have the bike under 17 pounds for the first time ever. Comparing this year and last year’s pre-race specs:

Trek 5200: 16.87 pounds (last year 17.5)
Me: 187.8 pounds (last year 173)

The bike would have come in even less, but after some test rides this week, I added some insurance to keep the chain from jumping, which happened to me in last year’s race right at mile 5. I don’t need to go through that again, and I think I have it solved. Over a half pound improvement is huge.

As for me, I’m a little over 14 pounds bigger this year, but it’s by no means junk. I worked exceptionally hard this year on strength with Sarah. This year I also ate an appropriate amount of food for the first time, literally, in my entire life. Big changes as a result.

Weather so far looks spectacular. Heading up soon to check in. I’ll try to check in on twitter when I can.

So this is it – the product of a 255 day training season and 122 hours of effort. Let’s see what happens.

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