Fat Cyclist‘s wife Susan died last night. I have been wearing Elden’s FC jersey at all of my events this year, and I was planning to wear it at Mt. Washington on the 15th, which I still will. I’ve been following her fight with cancer for several years and even though it had to end this way, it is still heartbreaking news.

Until probably only a week ago, I had kind of given up on this year. There have been a lot of obstacles in my way, and I had basically thrown in the towel on making any kind of improvement on Mt. Wash.
I got a hint that there could be promise last week during my strength workout with Sarah. I showed up a lot stronger than my last session with her, two weeks prior. One of my press exercises was up 90 pounds. For the first time all year, in anything I have done all year, I felt like I was actually improving at something.
Then I had a hint during a ride on Sunday that started to turn things around. As I paced up the back side of Gonzo Pass, I realized that with the right gearing, the right pacing, and the right food, I’m actually not half bad at climbing. My legs were almost junk from the abuse they’ve taken with Sarah, but now that my taper period has started, I feel like there’s possiblity. And this is encouraging. I care again. I’m fired up. I want this. I will be back to that mountain in a week’s time, and I will be ready. It’s about time I started feeling like this.
All the motivation I need at the race this year will be the shirt on my back. It’s hard to read that Susan is gone. I even cried when I read it. This trip up the mountain is for her. I will throw in everything I have.

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