A tough day

Just got back – today was a brutal day on Washington. Temp was 40 degrees and winds were steady at 30-45mph, bringing the wind chill down in the 20s. It was cold as hell, almost no visibility, and at times it was all you could do to stay upright, let alone keep pushing forward. My easiest gear was 22×27 and it wasn’t enough. Plenty of stretches where I struggled to break a cadence of 50, and plenty more where I barely kept above 3mph. About halfway up, I knew today wasn’t going to be the day for anything special; it was just about surviving. I had genuine worry about the 22% grade today and almost had nothing left for it. I finished with a 1:49; my slowest time so far, but easily the worst conditions I’ve had to ride in on Wash. More to come; for now I gotta rest. Got almost no sleep last night, I’m exhausted and windburned.

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