Not sure about this one

Well here she be, all 17.25 pounds of her. I rang in at 188.2 this morning. So on Sunday morning around 7am, I’ll be hauling a total of 205.45 pounds up the mountain.

The bike should be happy, because it weighs a quarter pound less than last time. I, on the other hand…tipped the scales at 173 last time. I can feel the extra 15 pounds when I climb, no doubt. I have all year.

Here’s some perspective – it’s like if in last year’s Mt. Wash race, I also carried an extra bike with me the entire way.

It’s probably the wrong perspective. I should just believe it’s all new muscle and that I’m super jacked now and that I’ll put up a PR.

I did some riding tonight on the gearing, and even though I’m taking 22×27, for some reason I’m not feeling too good about it. I guess after Sunday morning I’ll know; no amount of blabbing here will figure it out.

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