2009 Crank the Kanc

Photo: Moat Mountain Photography

1:33:26. Better than last year by a minute and a half – a good race for me. The past week was a complete rollercoaster. Exactly one week before the race I was an overmedicated zombie that spent the entire day under a down comforter in bed. The week had ups and downs, but more downs, and Friday I felt absolutely awful. Very tired, nauseous, and I drove up early just to nap at the hotel. Which I did, followed by a pretty awesome meal and about nine hours of sleep. I woke up Saturday and needed no convincing – I felt very fresh and was definitely okay to race. Weather was coolish to warmish and cooperative. At least I wouldn’t melt today.

I went off 30 seconds ahead of Grampie, and gave it everything I could without blowing up early. Last year I gave up all of my time to him on these “flatter” first 16 miles, and I knew I had to do everything I could to hold him off. Almost, but not quite enough. He finally nipped me around mile 12 or 13, and from there it was just a matter of trying to keep him in sight on the 5 mile climb. I did what I could there, but didn’t have a snappy climb at all. My legs didn’t have it, and who knows if this extra weight was helping matters. I went all in with one mile to go; probably one mile too late. I finished like an animal but in the end was 2:21 off Grampie’s pace to take 2nd in the singlespeed category. Matty Stoller came out of the ether to post a respectable 1:45 for third. Only three of us braved the race on one gear this year. “You guys are CRAZY” proclaimed Phil Ostroski at the award ceremony. I agree. This race is so damn hard riding it this way.

Avg HR: 175 mile 1-16, 180 mile 17-21. Need some time to think about that one.
Max HR: 197. New high.
Avg/Max Spd: 13.5/21.0 – 21mph on an 42x18t singlespeed really isn’t too bad.
Avg/Max Cadence: 76/115 – I used 180mm cranks this year. They’re whatever.

I had hoped to go under 1:30 this year and really felt like it could happen as I motored the first 16 miles, but I only made up a little over a minute there. On the climb I only reeled in 12 seconds. Even still, I’m very happy with that. This year has already been crazy.

Training plan you will not find in Chris Charmichael’s next book:

SAT: Bedridden zombie state due to medication reaction
SUN: See Saturday
MON: Very dizzy; Dr. appointment; 45 minute light spin
TUE: Less dizzy; MRI; Mow the lawn
WED: Dr. followup; 80 minute light spin
THU: Veg
FRI: Drive an hour to work, then 2 hours north to the hotel
SAT: Race!

Hopefully it’s all in the rearview at this point and I can get on with the season.

Thanks for reading and keep reading. cp

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