Crank the Kanc is tomorrow, and I’m heading up tonight. I’m 50/50 about racing tomorrow. Tuesday I felt really good energy-wise, but the last two days have been tough. Some quality sleep, but lots of disruptions. I’m planning to go up today, take a nap at the hotel, and then call it an early night and see how I feel tomorrow morning. I know that physically, I’m right on. I had a great spin Monday, and a great 1:20 flat road ride on Wednesday. I’ll put some rest in the bank and see how it goes I guess. It won’t break my heart if I wake up tomorrow and just don’t have it.

I have the Langster dialed in and have the weight down to 17.1 pounds. Pretty good. If I spend hundreds of dollars I could get it in the 16s. So 17.1 it is. Going to run the 42×18 again – the 42×16 I would only ever entertain if I were feeling super super fresh, and this ain’t the time.

This morning I think I weighed in at 187.2. Exactly one year ago to the day, I weighed 173 pounds. Those extra 14 pounds are somewhere. If you ask Grampie and Paulie, they’ve formed a bubble around my ass. Which I hope a lot of people get a quick look at as I decimate them on Saturday on a bike with one gear. That is, if I actually feel up to racing. Honestly, I don’t know if I’m going to have it. This past week has been completely nuts. I feel a little bit of pressure to beat my time from last year (1:34), but otherwise, not really any pressure to be had. I’ll just be happy to wake up tomorrow and feel like getting out there.

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