What I know about it, which is from the eBay auction description:

“This auction is for a good condition Serotta lugged steel road frame & fork with Dura-Ace headset, 60cm ctc seat tube and 57cm ctc top tube. It is from the early 1980s, Columbus SL tubing, Cinelli BB shell and Campagnolo drop outs. It has a Serotta factory repaint from some time in the 90s. It is rust free, has no dings/dents and the paint is in fair to good shape. A really high quality classic road racing frame from a Premier builder at that time. Looks great and rides even better. 126mm rear spacing, English threaded BB, 27.2 seat post. Ready to build.”

Unfortunately, it will be impossible to ever know the history of this frame.  The serial numbers are located on the underside of the BB shell, like so…

You can see that the serial is stamped into the paint and leaves only the faintest impression on the steel itself.  My frame was repainted some 20+ years ago, and in that process, the serial was obliterated.  Where the numbers should be is…nothing.  No trace at all of even a hint of anything.  I’d have to call the seller, and try to figure out where they got it, and work backwards.  If I care that much.  I just want to ride it.  

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