I can’t remember when it was.

Maybe it was last night?

Standing there in the kitchen.

Thinking about something after I got home from work.

What was I doing.

Getting something out of the refrigerator.

Thinking about what Tim told me today.

That he did intervals at 11pm this week.

Holy shit 11pm.

What’s my excuse.

I haven’t systematically trained since 2010.

That is now three years ago.

My mind immediately went to the basement.

And what a state of disaster it’s in right now.

Not for nothing, but because we have contractors still working down there.

But they’ll be done on Monday.

And then they’ll be gone.

And then I’ll have my basement back.

The place where my spin bike sits in front of a 32″ LCD panel.

Waiting for me to hop on and ride The Hell of The West.

Waiting to get my ass in gear.

And avert another year of rudderless nothingness.

Kid or no.

Health or no.

There is time in the middle.

What am I doing with it right now.

Wasting it.

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