And a light comes on

What if it isn’t a shitty immune system after all.

What if all I have to do is take the allergy medication I was prescribed four years ago.  That I never take.  For an allergy I’ve known I’ve had all my life.

I am such a fucking idiot.  You’ll see why.

Nearly two decades now of chronic sinus infections.  Several a year, always requiring antibiotic treatment.  Exceptionally rare case that I overcome one without treatment.

Turn back the clock a little further.  As a kid, cleaning out the closet I rarely went into.  Or cleaning underneath my bed.  Always a massive allergic reaction.  To dust.  Mites if you want to be particular.

In 2009 I get an allergy test that confirms I am positive for dust.  With a touch of dog.

Dust is of course everywhere.  Which means 24x7xlifetime exposure to this winning ticket in the allergen lottery.

This year the lightbulb starts to glow when I go to urgent care.  I explain my history to the doc.  He says:

“You need to be on a nasal steroid.”

“Is Omnaris a nasal steroid?”


“I have a prescription for that but I don’t take it.”

Today I get to thinking about that conversation as I clear my throat.

Persistent phlegm in my throat.

From what.

I dunno, it’s been going on for half of my life, maybe it’s time to Google it.

From drainage from sinuses from persistent allergic reaction.

Tell me more.

Allergic reaction that causes sinus inflammation and impairs sinus drainage, trapping bacteria that ultimately results in raging sinus infections.

Every year, three to six times sometimes, for decades.  How many hundreds of pills of antibiotics later.

Hey.  How about we just fill the prescription tonight for that inhaler.

See what happens.

3 thoughts on “And a light comes on

  1. Have you considered allergy shots? I had severe allergy problems and asthma through my childhood into adulthood. I was allergic to many types of pollen and mold. The mold was the worst, sending me to the hospital multiple times for adrenaline injections to keep me from dying from asthma. About 10yrs of weekly injections pretty much cured me of allergies. I got more than my share of colds, sinus infections and bronchitis when I had allergies. The doctors told me that when mucus membranes become irritated, pathways are opened for viral and bacterial infections. Allergy shots is a big commitment, first with initial testing, then years of weekly shots. When you reach max dosage, you can get reactions too that are unpleasant. But this paid off hugely for me. Not everybody responds the same.


  2. I had not thought of that. That definitely sounds like something to look into if this plan of taking the nasal spray doesn't pan out. I'm going to give this something like 3 or 4 months.

    So far, I feel really lucky with this medication. It's definitely doing something; my nasal passages feel like a highway right now when I breathe in, compared to what they used to. And I don't get any side effects from this stuff, which for me is a near miracle. The stuff I was first prescribed four years made me feel foggy and dizzy, which is why I stopped and never revisited the idea.

    The only reason I got plugged back into the idea of taking something was when I followed up with the allergy doc over the summer. He just happened to flip me this different prescription. Wildly expensive of course as it turns out. Always seems to be the way it works out.

    The approach of solving the problem and not treating the symptom is appealing though.


  3. One other thing to consider is taking fish oil if you aren't already. Omega-3's have anti-infamatory characteristics. I take a high concentration capsule per day with 900mg of Omega-3 payload from Sam's Club. A century ago, we used to get this in our diet when our meat was open range fed, but unless you eat a lot of heavy metal contaminated fish each week, you probably don't get enough Omega 3. We also eat about 30x too much Omega-6, which is an inflamatory. An optimal ratio of Omega-6 to 3 is something like 1:1 or 2:1. Americans get 30:1. Reduce vegetable oil intake (Omega-6) and increase fish oil to improve your body's inflamatory response.


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