In Print

I’ve been holding on to two big secrets for quite a while now, and you already know about one of them.

So here’s the other.

This past fall, I was contacted by Greg Fisher at Bike Monkey Magazine.  An enthusiastic reader of this blog, Greg asked me if I was interested in writing something for their upcoming issue.  I pretty much split my pants in excitement.  We talked through a number of ideas, and in the end, I put together a piece that describes my journey through cyclocross so far.  What I was thinking when I started, where I thought I would be by now, and an analysis of everything in the middle.  I had a really good time writing it, and that would have been enough.  But getting paid and seeing your stuff in print isn’t half bad either.  You can find Bike Monkey nationwide in a number of different places, including Barnes and Noble(!!), or you can subscribe online.

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