Oh yeah, that other thing I do

Book It To The Hooksett Library 5K, Sept. 24.  Photo: Fred Bishop.

I rarely run these days, and when I do it’s at the gym for precisely 1 mile.  Which I last did over two months ago.  I rolled out of bed for the Hooksett 5k trail run, and despite inadequate fueling finished 19th of 81.  I realized why I like running and time trials, and it’s the music.  It’s what gives me that shot of adrenaline to actually focus and dig in.  When you have For Whom The Bell Tolls blasting in your ears, you fucking GO.  Until you implode after going out too fast because you have no idea how to pace yourself because Metallica.

One thought on “Oh yeah, that other thing I do

  1. You may have to update your profile that says this is “The online home of … who hasn't won a bike race since 1996.” I'm pretty sure I just read a post on 1:20 and saw you on the podium. 1/1 is still a win.


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