Got out last night for only the second time since getting the flu.  45 minutes.  That’s a grand total of 2 hours in the past two weeks.

I felt like I maintained strength all winter, had good rides in mid-March, and then got sick and now I feel like I lost almost everything.  I know I’ve read how long it takes to lose what you have, but I can’t remember it exactly.  What I do know is that I haven’t had regular activity in six weeks and I pretty much have to start all over.  I have nothing.  Strength, energy, lactate threshold – all bad.  I’m trying to rally back.  I started liquid vitamins this week and I have started to feel like maybe they’re helping get my energy back.

Last night was my first ride ever on the Rivet with decent wheels.  Until last night I was running some underspoked 10 year old Mavic rims with 25c wire bead training tires.  Last night, the 420s with Pro Race 3s.  HOLY SHIT.  I can see glimpses of what I could do on that bike.  I just need to get there.

I need a solid month of committing to starting over, getting basic strength back. I don’t think I can get back to riding like I used to by riding.  I can’t meter my effort right now.  When I get out, I go way too hard.  I have no concept of an easy ride.  That’s sort of what happens when you’re not afraid of hills & all you own are singlespeeds and a fucking bullet train for a geared bike.

Last night is a perfect example.  “Easy just get back into it don’t overdo it ride” I still averaged 17mph, including the 5 traffic lights I had to unclip & wait for.  I should probably start riding with a computer again.

I’ll get there.

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