My season is over.  I didn’t want it to end the way it did.  But I’m sick as hell and there isn’t shit I can do about it, so all I can do is GET PISSED and be ready to RIDE FAST IN 2011.  My missives on upgrading have been read over 1100 times in the past month, and between xtranormal and youtube and everyone that has embedded it, the video version has been viewed over 5500 times.  FIFTY FIVE HUNDRED TIMES.  APPETITE FOR UPGRADE.  Sram asks “will you make the leap” – I ask – comrades in arms – will you follow me like the moses of cyclocross through the valley of the shadow of the USAC category system and join me next season in the rapture of waking up late to throngs of screaming fans warmer temperatures and courses that actually have lines in them.  I have a fever.  There is only one prescription.  LET’S DO THIS.

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