Back from New Gloucester – Cat 3 Recap

Photo: Don & Dana McEwan

Here’s the cat 3 race recap from Saturday’s race at New Gloucester:

  1. Dudes were fast
  2. I managed 58/65.  I rode really f*cking hard.    
  3. Guys would crash, I would pass them, and then laps later, they would come back as zombies and pass me  
  4. I raced a Geekhouse guy the entire time, and he kept multiplying like water on a mogwai and then there were three of them.
  5. Eventually it became clear that it was just me and Geekhouse guy near the back and no one else in sight.  I sat on his wheel for laps.  Rather than pass him when I had the chances, I sat in and waited for the last lap.
  6. On the last lap, he picked it up and gapped me because I’m not sneaking up on anyone because every time I shift it sounds like dropping silverware because I refuse to change my 8 year old cassette
  7. I bought used tires from Carl Ring.  He’s cool.
  8. I got an iced cafe mocha – that is a dangerous thing by the way.  But damn good.
  9. Strap in, we’re going to a bad place now.  
  10. You may want to stop reading here.
  11. Oh and so I learned that the winner of my race turned lap times that would have placed him 13th in the elite field.  You sandbagging motherf*cker.  I don’t care how talented you are.  I hate you.  
  12. People like you are the reason I beat the shit out of myself for placing so poorly in spite of racing my guts out.  Again, I hate you, and I hate everyone like you doing the same exact thing.  Cat up and be a man about it.  
  13. UGH, and now that I looked you up on crossresults, I f*cking hate you even more.  You could have catted up LONG ago.  But you didn’t.  You jumped in a 1/2/3/Pro field, got shelled, and never went back again.  Holy CRAP I hate you.  If you had a shred of integrity you’d be doing what I’m doing, racing out of your comfort zone.  And you wouldn’t even be out of your element if you cat’d up.  What, the f*ck.
  14. I mean, are you just greedy?  Do you need the money or something?  I doubt that could be true, but I’ll leave the door open on this anyway, just for shits because at this point I’m just punchy.  
  15. You basically have FIVE TIMES the number of points necessary to upgrade.  The system is straight up F*CKED because this is allowed to happen.  So what’s the point then.  Why even keep track of anything then.  There’s no WAY I’m the only one who feels this way.
  16. I hope you’re happy – I’m notch #57 under your belt today.  Sit back and bask in the pride.  It’s umbrella drink time.

3 thoughts on “Back from New Gloucester – Cat 3 Recap

  1. i don't know you, but i agree with you. nate campbell is just an a-hole. there are 60+ people behind him on any given weekend that would love to have that talent and race with the big boys. he's a coward.


  2. Wow! I'm battling for top 50% every race and this dude is sitting on a pile of wins. If there was a race for bagging he would definitely add another first. This is where auto upgrade is definitely warranted.


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