2010 Concord Crit

So it went down like this.  Ready, set, oh shit where are they going.  I think I hung on for two laps with the field and pulled not long after getting lapped, around 10 of 20 laps.  I was wholly unready for how fast this race started and never had a prayer of hanging in.  Also why does every bike I ride look like the junior bike that Jens Voigt rode in stage 16 of the tour?  Anyway here’s a sweet shot, I look kind of like I know what I’m doing, but I think a good point to make here is that if you have a pic of yourself in a crit and you’re all alone, chances are that’s probably not a good thing.

Here you can see that there is a small fog of confusion swirling around my brain.  In breaking the “race” down with Todd and Heather afterward it came to my attention that this was in fact my first criterium race ever.  This actually had never dawned on me.  Way to go, dumbo.  Anyhow, I feel like I learned a few things, like you should probably race regularly if you want to do well in races.  There may be something there so I’m going to really put that one through the ‘ol thinker.  This kind of stuff is basically the exact opposite of hillclimb time trialing, which is sort of what I like to think I do, so I’m not going to get to spun up about it.  Get it – spu…never mind. 

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