Week 7 weigh-in

Starting Weight 189.8
This Week: 186.0
Week Change: -0.4 (-3.8 overall)
Workouts 5.75hrs
Sat: 2.5hr Zone 2/3 overzealous road ride
Mon: 45min Zone 1/barely z2 trainer session
Tue: 40min core
Wed: 55min Jillian Michaels DVD asswhipping
Thu: 55min Jillian Michaels DVD asswhipping
I worked my ass off this week. It was supposed to be a Zone 2 week again, but to keep sanity I strayed a little from the aerobic monotony.

Want to find out how one dimensional you are as a cyclist? Pop in one of Jillian’s workout DVDs. Holy sh*t. After Wednesday night, I was a pile of rubble. I may have leg strength, followed by okay core strength, but I’ve got almost nothing else. It’s amazing.

So of course I get right back on that horse the next night.

Next week is a recovery week. My last recovery week was a big weight loss week, so we’ll see if that trend continues. I’m not sure if it will. I gotta be honest here – It’s been almost two months of base now. I’ve never worked this diligently during base. I don’t have much left to lose. My legs already look like they would mid-season, the gut I towed around all last year is pretty much gone, and right now I’m at the lowest weight I hit in all of 2009.

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