Week 3 weigh-in

Starting Weight 189.8
This Week: 188.8
Overall Change: -1.0

Workouts 9.75hrs
Sat: 2hr30min road ride mixed bag intensity
Sun: 3hr Z2 XC ski
Mon: 1hr snowshoe, 40min shovel
Tue: 30min shovel
Wed: 90min XC ski light effort
Thu: 35min core

Nearly 10 hours for me in the winter is amazing. I guess you take these weeks when you can get ’em.
That Saturday ride was interesting. This was a zone 2 (fat burning) geared bike ride right up until I was about 16+ miles from home. My chain twisted and broke in epic fashion, and what remained after the repair yielded only one usable gear, 34×12. At that point, Z2 was out the window and it was just about getting home. 34×12 is a harder singlespeed gear than I’ve ever turned, and I had a lot more than what I put into it getting home. Very, very encouraging. F*ck that, I’m psyched!

I’m not 100% certain yet, but I have a feeling that I don’t actually have 15 pounds to lose. I’m going to confirm that with someone who knows what they’re talking about soon. I had my body fat tested in September at 12-15%, and I am definitely leaner now and in better shape than I was then.

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