Week 2 weigh-in

Starting Weight 189.8

This Week: 188.6
Change: -1.2
Workouts 3.5hrs
Sat: 90min Z2 Spinerval
Sun: 60min cold as sh*t Z2 road ride
Mon: 35min tired Z1/2 spin
Tue: 30min core
Wed: 60min Z2 XC ski
Thu: 30min core

I’ll take it. I had to starve a little, but I’ll take it. And I’m fine with that, because if there’s one time a year when you can cut back on food and get away with it, it’s right now. This won’t fly come March when the intensity steps up, but that doesn’t have me concerned. I have no problem maintaining weight. It’s shedding off the built-up stupidity that proves challenging.

It’s a little comical in that I think I ate 6 quarts of beef stew this week.

Even though I’m working out every single day, I find that I just can’t make the time for long sustained fat burning workouts. Not right now. There’s no way I can tolerate any more time in the trainer without burning out, and I can only get outside when the weather doesn’t completely suck. No problem though. If I can make progress now, there should be no question that once we hit springtime I’ll overachieve.

2 thoughts on “Week 2 weigh-in

  1. I love these weigh-ins, its like biggest looser but without the man boobs. Personally I usually attribute a 1-2lb drop in weight to a pre/post turd calculation, give or take.


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