Week 1 weigh-in

Starting Weight 189.8
This week: 189.8
Change: ZERO

Workouts 4hrs
Sat: 90min Z2
Sun: 30min shoveling, 30min icy cross ride
Mon: 30min easy spin
Tue: 40min core
Thu:30min core

Well this is interesting. I thought that at a minimum, if cut back on beer consumption, I would see at least a modest weight loss, all things being equal. Apparently it doesn’t matter. Going from 12 a week to 1 made no difference except to my tolerance, which is now that of a 3rd grader.

Having not gone to work for almost two weeks, this was going to be a rough week, and I had to take Monday really easy, getting almost zero sleep the night before. I also missed Wednesday’s spin, so we’re missing the heart of our fat burning. Core was a huge success though. Next week, the schedule should be more normal.

Friel probably wouldn’t be too proud of the carb intake. I ate burritos this week like they were going extinct, and we’ll not talk about the amount of bread I ate yesterday. I need to re-read his article on base period nutrition and actually follow it.

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