Planning for 2010

Things are shaping up nicely for off-season training. We cleaned our basement this year, which means I now have my own pain cave. Pain cave has the following deluxe accommodations:

  • Sony self powered tower speakers, circa late ’90s, purchased for some superbowl from the greatest store ever, Service Merchandise
  • Sweet 27″ Panasonic tube tv w/built-in dvd, $50 on craigslist because it’s apparently worthless
  • Close proximity to bike crap locker and laundry
  • Reasonable view of litterbox action
  • Ample room in all directions for me to practice limb flailing while spinning on the trainer, and possibly simulate crashes

Having your own space for base training is SWEET. I used to spin at the gym, but at a certain point it just doesn’t work. The spin bikes are hit-or-miss in terms of fit and state of repair, and when you start showing up with armloads of bottles because your workouts are taking over 90 minutes, you feel like an idiot.

My 2010 training plan is almost finished. Simply put, Joe Friel is the sh*t. His blog was on fire this fall, and if you read through the following posts, you’ll have everything you need to make an annual training plan. Template, milestone workouts, pretty much everything. It’s stupid how easy this is.

I’ve never had a very tangible plan. Now I have one. 2010 is going to be a huge year. Having written everything out, I feel extremely confident. This year was a bust, but it was out of my control, its over and I can’t change it, and I’ve got a LOT bottled up for next year.

I’m racing singlespeed this Saturday at Ice Weasels. Mr. Stompy is coming out of retirement for a winter classic, and bringing new tires and chain tugs along for added firepower. I’ve been riding a lot lately, and I may be fat, but I feel strong as hell, and this should be awesome.

2 thoughts on “Planning for 2010

  1. Well, “still” racing is kind of relative. I last raced about 6 weeks ago at the costume race. In the meantime, I've been goofing off and doing what I should be doing. Ice Weasels is the last thing I have planned, and then we move into Base 1 on Jan 1st. Based on the snow coming down today, I'd call that 'race' more of a 'spectacle'.


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