The Major

I don’t think there was ever a formal introduction, so here’s The Major. Quite possibly making an appearance in next week’s Orchard Cross costume race.

2008 Kona Major Jake – 54cm
Love the frame, love the color; probably a hair too small.
King Headset
Something you just have to do
Stella Azzurra Bellagio carbon fork
A little flexy for my taste, but it was $100
2002 Bontrager Race Lite wheelset
Have not disappointed; surprisingly durable
Michelin Mud 2 tires
These are always the right call; tire pressure is the only decision to make
Kore Race+ Brakes
Road inserts, almost no shudder, and they’re white
42x12-27 drivetrain
Ultegra 9 shifter is on its last leg, but the FSA isis carbon pro crank spins wonderfully, and the XTR short cage rear will not be defeated. USA-made Vuelta ring hasn’t puked up a chain yet.
XTR M970 pedals
An eBay steal, they do the job

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