Supposed to race in Providence this Saturday morning. I’m sick again – terrific – so we’ll see how that works out. Being sick twice in a three week span is basically a cry for help that I need time off.

Raced at UNH last night. 11/14. I definitely have what it takes to hang with the group, that I know. But something is just not there. I don’t have the snap. No fire. No initiative to go with them. Physically I don’t think I’ve had “it” since April. Mentally, possibly just as long. It’s definitely not there right now. Last night I was very casual and didn’t have it in me to push, save for right at the very end. This is overtraining syndrome ladies and gentlemen.

If I’m even healthy enough to go on Saturday, that will be it for a while I think; probably the season. I may poke my head out once in November or December for a fun race, but for now, I’m toast.

I’ll part with this observation:

Last season, I posted my best Wash time ever.

This season, I posted my worst.

Last season, I started my base training that February.

This season, I started the first week of December ’08.

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