An Epic Gloucester on Tap

This weekend is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, cyclocross races of the year ’round these parts – The Gran Prix of Gloucester. It’s a two day event, but I’m only in for Saturday. Still trying to get my endurance under me.

Last year, Gloucester was a rough go. I finally had my singlespeed gearing dialed in, but a pre-ride concussion, coupled with a thrown chain in the middle of the race blew up my day. Weatherwise, it was nice. Cold, but sunny.
This year, and Saturday in particular, looks to be epic ‘cross weather. The stuff you see in pictures. Tonight’s light rain will slop things up, and tomorrow’s expected deluge, paired with 20mph winds, will make this race a complete mess. Not to mention I go off bright and early…at 8am. Cold, dark, miserable; that’s probably what we’re looking at.
In a race like this, the playing field is leveled. No one has traction. No one is guaranteed to stay upright. Speed is not going to be your friend today. It’s all about bike handling, tires, and luck. Three things I generally try to stock up on.

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