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I had pretty much closed the door on Okemo. As far as races go, it was a downright depressing performance. Not only did I finish last in my age group, but I finished within striking distance of last place. And to cement the hat trick of underachievement, I was eligible for Clydesdale that day and took last place in said category, even though only three Clydes rode Okemo.

Hey wait – last out of three…that’s still third place…that’s technically a podium spot right? Alas, it was not. At the award ceremony, Clydes were not recognized for some reason.

Well not so fast. I get home today, check the mail, and got this:

That’s pretty damn awesome. I was sort of hoping to forget the whole day even happened to be honest. It’s gotta be the worst bike race I’ve ever had. Now, I guess it’s not so bad.

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