Nowhere fast

‘Nowhere fast’ as a phrase is relevant to this discussion but it is also an Incubus song that has nothing to do with anything I’m talking about because Incubus songs are nonsense.

Taken with Fat Cyclist‘s mission to fund cancer research, Andy and I signed up for Fatty’s 100 Miles of Nowhere. Basically we pay $75; $50 gets donated to LiveStrong, and we get a goodie bag full of awesome stuff that well exceeds $25 in value. So it’s a good “deal”. But we do have to offer something in return. We have to ride 100 miles. And go absolutely nowhere. On the 22nd, we will put our bikes in the trainers, take all the resistance off, and spin like wild animals to get to 100 miles. I have absolutely no idea how long this will take. I’m guessing 4ish, 5ish hours. We’re both taking that Friday off (memorial day weekend), and will probably start by noontime. I sure hope it isn’t raining because I really don’t wanna do this indoors.

What is really awesome about this is that 421 other people are doing this, all in their own different parts of the world on or about the same day, and just like that we collectively raised something like $21,050 for LiveStrong.

There will be MASSIVE boredom to contend with, so I imagine we’ll have the TV going with some choice films to be selected. I have already selected Dumb and Dumber. This will be very interesting. Hopefully we will accumulate a support team and there will be photo & video evidence.

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