Shutting it down

Just back from the Eliot E.R. Crashed pretty hard at FOMBA this afternoon and we were pretty sure I broke my arm. X-rays were negative but it’s pretty badly bruised. Going down a small hill I caught a root and was pitched over the handlebars and in an effort to preserve my head I put out my right arm, which ended up taking all of my weight. I got up after a minute and started dry heaving like crazy. Pretty lucky nothing more serious.

That said, I think I have to wrap it up for the year as far as riding off-road is concerned, maybe riding period. I feel like every time I leave the pavement, I crash. Two concussions over the past two months, and could have easily been a third today. I can’t afford another major incident; hell, I can barely afford whatever this circus today will cost me. I turned my helmet in for crash replacement not even two weeks ago! Running is so, so much harder, but it may very well be the safer decision at this point. Keep you posted. -cp

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