UNH Training Race #3

I was cooked. Well into the first lap I was already tired, and I knew tonight was going to be a long one. I went off near the front, but with only 13 starters, there aren’t a lot of scraps to pick off if you find yourself at the back of the group. Which is where I found myself pretty quickly. Just plain tired. It’s definitely a good thing there are no races this weekend, because I need some rest. I’m whipped.

Wednesday night was borderline torture. 2 laps in and I was ready to quit. Then I got the call – 4 more laps to go. I couldn’t believe it. Talk about getting drilled right where it hurts. I had to go pretty deep into the well to find a way out of this one. I was neck and neck with my usual nemesis at these races, a big Scandinavian guy on a Surly. He suffered countless mechanicals and I inevitably passed him during one, riding for my life, hoping and praying he couldn’t bridge the gap. Luckily, I left him for dead and finished 7 out of 12.

My goal was to have fun, and tonight I think we realized we need to change things up a bit to keep that goal alive. My gearing is just too damn hard to turn, and right now it’s punishment and I don’t think as competitive as it should be. So next week we’ll try 39×20 and see what that does. I’ll definitely lose more time on the downhills, but I’m finding that on many of these downhills, I’m pretty close to my terminal velocity anyway. Slight downgrades kick my ass, but there’s nothing I can do about that. It’s the slight uphills on fireroads and grass that are still bogging me down. It’s a continuous balancing act.

Signed up for the Oct. 12th Gran Prix of Gloucester. UCI-sanctioned, enormous race. 125 riders in my field alone. Huge!

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