Sucker Brook Cross: 50/70

Sucker Brook Cross in Auburn. Two late nights in a row, and I knew today was going to be a gamble from an energy perspective. The pre-ride pretty much confirmed that today wasn’t going to be my day. The course was very fast and exceptionally flat; definitely a recipe for me getting eaten alive by the geared contingent.

I had a decent starting position but wow. I bring one gear to the table, and it was absolutely humbled within seconds. 40+ riders easily leveled me like I was standing still before we even hit the first turn only a hundred feet away. From there on in, it was going to be a game of picking off riders by the one-sies. There were lots of mechanicals today, and each time the carnage took a rider off their bike I was quietly excited. A guy right next to me broke a spoke and was off the bike, and it was there in the woods for the first time I thanked my overweight 22 pound cross monster for hanging in there.

TONS of appreciation today from other riders. It was awesome. First lap a guy comes up on me and yells “ONE F*CKIN’ SPEED MAN, YOU GUYS ARE UNBELIEVABLE!”. I gave him a pat on the back. All along the way I got credit for gutting it out on 1FG. Finally! People get it. At least here they do. I saw one other kid on a singlespeed; don’t know how he finished.

Final lap, and I’m about 50 yards behind a rider coming back onto the pavement that leads back to the finish line. He seems content with his position. I quietly dial it up. Smaller, kind of wide guy. I’m convinced I can take him if I want to. Of course I know nothing about him. I keep expecting him to pick it up since there’s maybe 200 yards to go, but nothing yet. I go all in. The 39×19 is on the verge of not being enough, but I throw the hammer down like a monster. He hears my tires roaring behind him and jumps out of the saddle. Somebody woke up big time. We are flying. Neck and neck. I can’t believe I’m actually in a competitive sprint. He’s not giving an inch. I don’t know if I have enough. I am way at the limit, and then, a I have an inch. I have him. I am full-tilt, and I take him right before the line, throwing everything I have past him.

Represent! The race for 50th place belongs to 1FG.

50th out of 70 riders. My time was 5 minutes behind the winner. Honestly that is a really good result for me.

Time for some rest. Racing again at UNH on Wednesday, but nothing on the horizon for the next couple of weekends. Most of the races from here on are pretty far away, so I have to figure out how far I’m willing to drive to keep 1FG CX alive. Today was nice. 10 minute drive.

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