I faxed 2 letters to Subaru of America, including a copy of my repair order from my old Forester. I called them today and they acknowledged receipt of said letters, and told me they would contact me after the letters are reviewed. In summary, I requested an ambiguous amount of compensation for what has transpired.

On the subject of my loaner that was sideswiped, the guy who runs the parking garage here is a basically a fucking asshole. He hasn’t returned my any of my calls, nor the calls I had our secretary place. I caught him at his desk today via telephone. He is extremely disinterested in my situation. There are no cameras pointed at my section of the garage. I asked politely if I could put up some posters in the garage, and he told me “well I don’t know what that’s going to do” in his disgruntled old haggard my-life-sucks tone of voice. I explained that such an idea was my only resort, and that it would require zero effort on his part, which I thought he would find appealing. I also emphasized that this represents $1000 worth of damage that has occurred to vehicles I have parked in his garage, which reminded me of how pissed off I am about this whole situation. I have a feeling I will be writing a letter to the folks who own this building and leave Apathy McGee out of the equation. I am crafting a poster this week and I’m supposed to run it by this guy for approval. I have a hunch he isn’t going to like my style.

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