The Maggie Kit

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I am working with Primal Wear on a custom cycling kit to honor Maggie and further awareness of childhood cancer.  They have been beyond incredible in terms of supporting this idea.  In order to move forward with design, I need to start with a rough idea of quantity.  If I think I have enough to make the minimums, they will get to work on the design, and then I will put that design up here and start taking orders.  I don’t yet have a timeline but I’m aiming to have it in May.

The Primal kit we are working with is the Helix.  It is an amazing race kit.  I wore it all last season in support of Skratch Labs.  Pics are below.  The fit is race cut.  Some people size up one size if they prefer a looser fit; I happen to run the same size (L) as I do in almost everything else and find it fits perfectly.  I tried sizing up and found it a little too loose for my taste.  But if I did not race bikes, I may have been happy with one size up.  Whatever your preference is.  Full zip.

Primal is extending a substantial discount, but it’s still an expensive kit.  Jerseys, shorts, and bibs have been priced at $80, $90, and $100.  You can order just a top, or just a bottom, or both.  Given how much these cost, and that it’s full custom, this is actually pretty reasonable.  This is high-end cycling clothing.

While I really have no idea what the design will look like yet, I am going to assure you two-ish things.  One, it is going to be tasteful, understated, sharp.  Secondly, I am an exceptionally picky person and attention to detail will be super high.  Maggie’s Dad (my cousin) will approve the final design, and this project has his blessing.

Please leave a comment below if you are interested.  Please indicate gender and item quantity.  For example “1 womens jersey” or “1 mens jersey, 1 mens bib”.  Size not important right now for purposes of estimation.  You don’t have to leave full names or addresses yet.  You’re not yet committing to anything.  Just kind of “half-committing” if you will.

If it looks like I will make the minimums (it’s roughly 15 per item per gender), I will be back here with a design and a mechanism through which to take orders.  Keep an eye out on this site over the coming days and weeks to see how things are going.

If you’re in, thank you.  This will be an exceptionally meaningful project for everyone involved if it comes to fruition.

Learn more about Maggie at

Any additional questions, please contact me at


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