Riding the couch

Haven’t been feeling too great lately. Really tired, head seems to hurt every day, but no other symptoms. From the sounds of it, could be something that’s making the rounds. Hope it moves on soon; I haven’t been on a bike in a week now.

I’ve had the energy to mow a lawn and that’s about it. Unfortunately I race the Kanc next week, which as it turns out isn’t a mowing contest. Hopefully I can work my way back to bike related activity tomorrow.

I did order my new cyclocross frame. Should have it in a day or two. It’s crazy stupid awesome.

One thought on “Riding the couch

  1. Chris, I met the guy who organizes the Kanc Krank while I was up that way racing the Tuckerman Inferno. He did mention he was thinking about adding a lawn mower category, but it sounds like he never got around to it?

    Tom L.


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