Friday night I was really having just about enough of the dizziness. I called my doctor’s after-hour service and I got a call back from one of the other physicians. I told him that I had been dizzy for two days and he agreed to call in a script to get me through the weekend. It was for Meclizine, something I feel like I had taken before, but apparently DEFINITELY had not.

I picked up the prescription at about 9:30 on Friday, took one pill and went to bed around 10:30. Twelve hours later, I wake up, only summoning the will to get up because I was starving. I felt completely incapacitated. I could barely function. I felt like everything in my body was moving at about 1/4 speed and I was massively, massively tired. All I did Saturday was sleep. I phoned the pharmacist that afternoon and she assessed that I was hypersensitive to Meclizine and advised to not take any more pills. Yeah. I had pretty much made that determination on my own.

I think by Sunday around noon it had completely worn off. One little pill basically leveled me for about 36 hours. And the recommended dose was 4x per day! Needless to say that’s one medication I never need to take again. I can’t even imagine what would have happened if I had taken more than one dose.

So now it’s Monday, still dizzy, waiting on a callback from my doctor’s office. I’m hoping this is just something simple like an ear infection. It almost has to be. I haven’t been able to even do the simplest of workouts in almost a week now because of this.

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