No clue

So here’s what I know so far:

-I saw a doctor today, and I don’t appear to have any sort of sinus or ear infection
-Scheduled for an MRI tomorrow, then a followup on Wednesday
-I feel that if this dizziness were due to fatigue, the weekend of sleep I just pulled off should have put a dent in things, and it didn’t, so I can’t see that rest is the issue
-One week before I started feeling dizzy, I began taking Nasonex daily (never been on it before; we were using it to rule out some allergy-related issues)
-Then I had the freakish reaction to Meclizine, which the more I think about it, the more it seems really unnatural to have that kind of reaction to one pill that is prescribed to be taken 4 times a day
-What I’m feeling could possibly be rare side effects from Nasonex; the kind that are allegedly in the less than 5% chance of having range. This is Kristen’s theory.
-I’ve been off Nasonex for 3 days now; wouldn’t say my dizziness/lightheadedness has improved any as of yet, can’t really say if it’s better or worse, so I’m really looking to tomorrow for another data point
-I’m considering working out tonight just to get this garbage out of my system faster

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