A month off

I haven’t done anything in a month. Nothing. Haven’t been on a bike, haven’t been to the gym, obviously haven’t run, zero. I’ve been eating and drinking like it’s my full time job and I’m being paid by the pound.

Speaking of pound, I weigh more. In the past month I’ve gained about 5 pounds of pure crap. And I don’t really care. For the first time all year I actually don’t feel hungry all the time, I eat what I feel like eating when I feel like eating it, and the repercussions are seemingly minimal. I know that if this were riding season, I would be keeping the weight off without a problem. I also know that come riding season, I probably won’t be drinking 19 beers a week. So I don’t intend to stop really. For 2009, instead of pretending I’m a sprightly climber who needs to watch his weight, I plan on being a climber who will just weigh whatever I happen to weigh. That’s it. I’m giving up on the fantasy that I could weigh 165 pounds, because it doesn’t make any sense. What makes sense is improving power-to-weight by getting stronger, not by getting lighter. What a mess I must have made of myself this season. I probably ran on empty every day, and the tank dried up in August on Mt. Wash.

No more starving or undereating. I don’t see the point. Hell, the best ride of my entire life was this year’s Prouty, and the night before I ate a fried chicken sandwich and a pile of fries. Maybe Phelps is onto something after all. I guess I’ll find out. Honestly, it just doesn’t matter. If you’re riding regularly like I do during the season, burning thousands upon thousands of calories every week, get over it. You need to eat. I’ve been told this many times before. I was too dumb to take it to heart. It’s probably brain damage.

Trying to put together my base training plan now, which will start after another V02 test sometime after Christmas. Have a good one. And watch out for this guy:

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