Heard back from Subaru

Subaru called today; I let it go to voice mail. They have reviewed my letters and have basically said that since my car is so far out of warranty, I can go screw.

Since I’m really bad at accepting things that I don’t want to hear, I called right back and spoke with the girl who has been the Subaru go-between for my case.

She hadn’t actually read my second letter, which detailed what happened this weekend – she had only forwarded it along to “senior management”. She had me email the letter to her personally, and said that since I took on another Subaru, she will try to get me something called Subaru Loyalty money – a check for $500 in 7-10 business days.

I gave the dipshit who runs the garage a copy of my poster last night. I haven’t heard anything back from him today. If I don’t hear anything tomorrow and he thinks he’s blowing me off, he’s got it all wrong because I’m putting the posters up anyway. This was a courtesy.

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