dramatic sneezers

I mean what the f*ck. Every now and then this individual to remain nameless who sits in the office next to mine lets go this series of overproduced apocalyptic upper respiratory orgasms. It’s a f*cking sneeze. Just take care of it. I usually have to endure no less than 3 in a row, all with the same level of drama. Why can’t you just take care of your g*ddamn business like normal people do? Because you’re what. A lady? Special? Quirky? Who gives a f*ck. STOP DOING IT. SNEEZE LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. I swear to God every single time this person sneezes it warrants someone else asking this person if they are okay, because it sounds like they are literally dying of some kind of hyperventilation, organ failure, or a sucking wound. ENOUGH. WE GET IT.

2 thoughts on “dramatic sneezers

  1. Consider yourself fortunate that you have a wall and 2 doors between you and the sneezer. It would be far worse if you were in an open cubicle area with a beautiful view of downtown but could only focus on counting the number of her *sighs* and throat clears. Keep in mind the throat clearing is LOUD due to the overconsumption of (phlegm producing) full-fat Greek yogurt. To sum it up, better you than me!


  2. God Damn Dramatic Sneezers, this bitch next to me in the cubicle sounds like a damn robot, decepticon from Transformers, and she sneezes 15 times a day, no like. One right in the morning when i walk in, every god damn day


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