100th post!

Wow, we’ve come such a long way together. 100 posts! And what better way to commemorate the occasion than with a digest post of everything that’s been going on over the last few weeks.

A $300 T-SHIRT
The race up Mt. Washington was cancelled this year, but I did get to do the practice ride. Alright, in all fairness, the shirt has long sleeves. But if you factor in food, lodging, gas, equipment, registration fees, opportunity costs and training investments, it’s probably more like a $3000 t-shirt. Nice graphics though.

I missed a lot of racing at Loudon this summer on account of training for Washington. Overall, it was a mediocre year at the track and I scored zero points, one less than last season. I was involved in one pretty small crash and that’s about it.

190,000 WAS ENOUGH
Happy trails to the Accord. Somebody finally got a new car!

We took Floyd to the vet for another series of vaccines. Which went fine. Except apparently he’s batting with a permanent 1-0 count.

KO was accepted into grad school at UNH and is presently chipping away at her Masters in Public Administration. Surely her end game is to administer the public. Or master them.

I can do 20. But can I do 26.2. November 4th.

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