100,000 miles

After 3 years, 5 months, and 27 days, I turned right onto 393 last night and hit 100,000 miles. I would have pulled over right there to snap a pic, but apparently everyone who gets out of their vehicle on the road lately gets plowed into by someone who is either drunk, not paying attention, high on drugs, or running from the cops.


  • 1,273 days behind the wheel (well I mean, if I drove every day)
  • Avg. 78.5 miles per day
  • Avg. 28,672 miles per year
  • Max speed: probably 110, somewhere on I89
  • 2 sets of tires, or 1 set every 1 year +9 months
  • Somewhere between 350-400 tanks of gas
  • 1 psycho asshole with no license who sandblasted my car with rocks and then fled the state forcing me to repaint over half of the vehicle and replace half of the glass
  • 1 anonymous complete loser who bashed my hood in with an unknown object
  • 1 kid who decimated the entire back end of my car putting in hopelessly out of alignment for the rest of its existence because he claims he was reaching into the backseat for an ice cream cone yet continued to drive balls to the wall up Blodgett Street striking my PARKED car while I was getting drunk at Andy’s watching the Olympics whereupon hearing the sound of the crash I went into the street and instigated a fight that fortunately or unfortunately did not take place

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