I cannot stand stupid vanity plates. Can’t stand them. And whats more, the absolute champions of stupid vanity plates are without question the ones that simply tell you what any moron can already gather by looking at your car, which they can’t possibly not be doing if they’re looking at your stupid plate to begin with.

I usually don’t have the time or coordination to take a photo of these gems while I’m buzzing down the highway, but last night I did.

What the hell is your problem? I can’t even begin to believe that your brain functions consistently enough for you to actually operate a motor vehicle. You spent double what it costs for a normal plate to declare to all the world “SAAB9-3”. Well congratulations; you’re an idiot. Hey listen, next time you’re at the DMV, make sure you corner the market on PTCRUZR and MYF150. Don’t let those get away.

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